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Problems with iptables-based firewall: bandwidth goes to crap
Temat dodano 2018-05-16 15:05:12


I've been having problems with bandwidth for a month now and I thought that my provider (Cox Cable) was doing something. I found out that a guy three blocks from me (and in the same node) was getting great speeds, so I did a test. I plugged my primary machine directly into the modem and got great speeds. Going back to my Linux firewall, I got roughly 1 / 10th the bandwidth. How can I diagnose and / or fix my firewall? It's a simple little HP Vectra P166 with Redhat 7.3 and iptables. I used monmotha's script and it seems to work fine. This is really bugging me because I sometimes get 56k downloads, and that just hurts. Any tips?



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