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How to interpret the results of your personal loan calculator
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Monthly payment: The total amount owed to the lender throughout the course of the loan, paid each month. Each payment has a portion allocated to interest and a remainder to principle.

The entire principal that you are borrowing. Your loan calculator will be matched.

Total interest payments: The total amount of interest only that you will pay for the duration of the loan.

Total interest paid on the loan is equal to the principal amount plus interest.

Date of payoff: The last day you'll make loan payments. The payoff date is determined by your loan term and start date.

An amortization schedule is a table that illustrates the principal and interest amounts for each monthly payment.



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Certainly! Monthly payment is the total amount you pay each month, including interest and principal, and is calculated based on the SASSA payment calculations. Total interest payments are the sum of all interest paid over the loan term. The payoff date is the final payment date. An amortization schedule details each payment's principal and interest.

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 Absolutely! The monthly payment includes both interest and principal, calculated according to SASSA payment guidelines on official website. Total interest payments sum up all interest paid during the loan term. The payoff date marks the final payment. An amortization schedule outlines each payment's principal and interest.