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What is Socket Programming in Perl?
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Perl Assignment Help as they lack insight into Socket programming. In this blog, we will take a look at Sockets.

What is a Socket?

Sockets are a Berkeley UNIX technique for establishing a virtual duplex connection between programmes. This was later adapted to every known OS, allowing communication between systems running on various OS software in different geographical locations. Most network communication between systems would never have System Analysis Design Assignment Help happened if it weren't for the socket.

In simple words, socket is a port and an IP address, that allows connection to send and receive data over a particular network.

How to Create a Server?

  • Socket call is used to create a socket.
  • Using bind call, bind the socket to a port address.
  • Using the listen call, you can listen to the socket at the specified port address.
  • Accept calls from clients by utilising accept call.

How to Create a Client?

  • Socket call is used to create a socket.
  • Use the connect call to connect (the socket) to the server.

The socket () Call

This is the first call in establishing a network. The syntax is:


The above call creates a SOCKET. The other three arguments are integers which should have the following values for TCP/IP connections.

  • DOMAIN must be PF_INET. It's probable 2 on your computer.
  • TYPE should be SOCK_STREAM for TCP/IP connection.
  • PROTOCOL should be (getprotobyname('tcp')).

The bind () Call

Sockets produced by the socket() function are unusable unless they are bound to a hostname and a port number. The bind() function is used by the assignment writing service server to provide the port at which it will accept connections from clients. The syntax is:


Here SOCKET represents the descriptor returned by socket() call and ADDRESS refers to a socket address ( for TCP/IP ) containing three elements −

  • The address family (For TCP/IP, that's AF_INET, probably 2 on your system).
  • The port number
  • The internet address of the computer (for example

The listen () Call

If you're writing a server programme, you'll need to call listen () on the provided port to listen for incoming requests. The following is the Calculus Assignment Help syntax for this call:


Hopefully, you have an insight into the subject matter.

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